Rows of stadium seats
Rows of stadium seats

Economic Sustainability

All eight FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stadiums are being constructed by joint ventures with at least one local company. Our procurement policies are designed to encourage companies in Qatar. This will help lower transportation mileage, reducing carbon emissions.

To address the short-term spike in demand for accommodation during the tournament, we have created adaptable solutions. We are renting apartments and houses from property owners to reduce the need for hotels and new buildings and signed the first batch of lease agreements to secure accommodation for 2022. Additionally, two cruise ships – with a combined capacity of 4,000 cabins – will serve as floating hotels.

Post-tournament, our stadiums will be converted into other facilities thanks to their modular designs. This sustainable approach will offer business opportunities for local hotels, offices, shopping centres, multi-sport facilities and sports medicine clinics.

A VIP hotel room at a stadium
Tourists disembarking a cruise ship

Additionally, 200,000 stadiums seats will be donated to sporting projects abroad. This will extend our sustainable legacy beyond Qatar, bringing communities together on and off the pitch, while widening access to sport and creating jobs.



The Challenge 22 innovation award helps startups to take their products and services to market, sponsoring ideas that can enhance Qatar 2022 – and everyday life. It helps creative people to realise their potential and contribute to a brighter future.

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