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To ensure that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is a truly unforgettable tournament that leaves a sustainable legacy, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is organized into specialist teams of subject matter experts. Close cooperation between these teams helps us to achieve incredible things on the road to 2022.


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Business Support

  • Manages travel, accommodation and transport for SC employees
  • Provides efficient operational maintenance, hospitality and housekeeping services, and facilities management
  • Mitigates security-related threats and risks across the SC's corporate headquarters
  • Maintains electronic document management system (EDRMS) for handling incoming and outgoing documents across the SC    

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  • Closely monitors local, regional and international media channels, including print, broadcast and social media
  • Develops press kits, news stories, social media posts and newsletters
  • Guards the reputation of the organisation
  • Hosts player, media and dignitary visits to build advocacy for Qatar 2022
  • Arranges public appearances for senior SC figures, helping to disseminate our messaging
  • Manages internal communications
  • Leads community engagement activities and builds relationships with communities

 Employees posing for a photo.

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  • Manages financial controls in line with the SC's annual planning process
  • Provides financial services to the organisation
  • Oversees financial procedures for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC (FIFA and SC joint venture)
  • Builds the processes and policies required for delivery of departmental plans  

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Generation Amazing

  • Uses the power of sport to change lives and create sustainable social development in underprivileged communities
  • Runs football training exercises that educate people on social inclusion, healthy living and environmental responsibility
  • Provides young people with the skills and knowledge required to change their communities from within
  • Creates and refurbishes football pitches in countries in need of sporting infrastructure, widening access to sport 
 A Generation Amazing training session.  Girls laughing during a Generation Amazing training session.

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Host Country Services (Accommodation)

  • Delivers the Host Country's accommodation obligations associated with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™
  • Plans how to achieve the required levels of accommodation, pinpointing operational requirements, roles and responsibilities
  • • Reviews and considers existing commercial hospitality activities and contractors, identifying current levels of service and suitability for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ 

 A beachfront hotel in Qatar.

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Host Country Services (Mobility)

  • Plans and delivers transport solutions for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™
  • Provides safe, secure, functional, reliable, accessible and seamless mobility for all constituent groups during the tournament and associated events
  • Executes, directs and coordinates all transport operations for the SC, including administrative policies, assessment and allocation of transport infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement in operations
  • Develops and coordinates plans for "last mile" routes into stadiums
  • Assesses and monitors transport infrastructure at local FIFA venues, including airports, train stations, hotels and transport hubs
  • Consolidates schedules and routes, as well as dispatching control vehicles – ensuring that the vehicles are safe and meet all requirements
 A Doha Metro station.  Hamad International Airport.

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Host Country Services (Planning and Integration) 

  • Forms planning frameworks to guide development of Host Country operations, including non-official sites
  • Creates central operational readiness frameworks across all functions and stakeholders
  • Develops planning tools and templates for project managers
  • Identifies and coordinates dependencies
  • Works with Reporting and Risk Management teams to monitor progress and risks and consolidate reports
  • Coordinates with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC (FIFA and SC joint venture) on all operations where Host Country and tournament come together, ensuring integration and alignment
  • Leads work on concept of operations, operating plans, policies and procedures, contingency plans and emergency response plans
  • Consults with budgeting teams on finances required for each project
  • Liaises with workforce teams on staffing plans for Host Country operations

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Host Country Services (Sustainable Services)

  • Creates frameworks for development of sustainable services for the tournament: catering, cleaning, waste management and environment
  • Assesses the scope of the Catering and Food & Beverage Project, along with managing the delivery of the catering solutions in relation to the Host Country workforce, including all workforce accommodation sites and concessions at non-official sites
  • Develops the Host Country catering and food & beverage concessions strategy, taking into account the impact of Local Organising Committee (LOC)/ FIFA catering operations and other cross-cutting projects, such as cleaning, waste management and logistics
  • Ensures that the SC develops sustainable assets and Qatar delivers its promise of a carbon-neutral tournament
  • Leads on establishing processes, guidelines, codes and standards for environment and sustainability requirements for Host Country projects

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Host Country Services (Workforce Planning)

  • Manages data-led workforce planning and operational activities of Host Country workforce (salaried staff, volunteers and contractors)
  • Develops strategies, processes, operating principles and operational goals for the Host Country operations workforce
  • Develops all workforce-related processes for Host Country projects, in line with the Event Foundation Plan, including workforce planning and operations, workforce scheduling, provision of uniforms, workforce communication and secondment programmes
  • Identifies workforce types and defines entitlements for each
  • Forms Host Country hiring plans based on workforce planning revisions occurring during different planning phases – in collaboration with HR
  • Identifies and implements workforce system to support the management of information and operational needs related to the Host Country workforce

 Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy employees

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Human Resources

  • Develops and maintains the SC's organisational charts, specialisation of business functions, job descriptions, job evaluation system, grading structure and salary scales
  • Drives recruitment and workforce planning activities to attract qualified individuals to the SC
  • Provides efficient human resources services (operations) related to payroll, personnel and immigration
  • Implements effective people development programmes to include career planning, training and development, succession planning and retention
  • Manages total rewards system to attract, recruit, develop and retain high performers
  • Provides an effective employee performance management system to assist SC employees in achieving their objectives
  • Leads on cooperation with ministries, including the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs

 Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy staff away day.

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  • Designs and implements business IT solutions and services to timelines and budgets
  • Creates IT strategies and plans to align with operations
  • Designs enterprise architecture and standards management
  • Installs, tests, operates and maintains IT infrastructure and systems, such as telecommunications, networks and applications
  • Monitors IT security strategy and ensures adequate levels of IT security
  • Identifies, evaluates and meets the SC's hardware and software needs
  • Negotiates and executes IT vendor and contractor management, contracts and MoUs
  • Defines the scope and level of service via service-level agreements and individual agreements with vendors
  • Manages the integration process for the ERP system
 An IT training event.  Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy employees exploring IT software.

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Josoor Institute

  • A centre of excellence for the sports and events industries
  • Delivers a varied range of courses and workshops
  • Facilitates talks from world-famous subject matter experts
  • Conducts research projects on sports and events
  • Provides bespoke consultancy and strategic advice to clients

 A Josoor Institute training event.

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  • Creates legacy policy and plans, which are then aligned to national development goals, SC values and bid commitments
  • Delivers legacy plans in partnership with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensures competition and non-competition venues have long-term uses, working closely with the Technical Delivery Office
  • Manages evaluation of and reports on legacy projects (including budget and resource requirements)
  • Disseminates legacy strategy and results internally and – working with Marketing & Communications – externally
  • Oversees legacy stakeholder engagement and influence

 Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy employees working together.

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Legal & Compliance

  • Provides ad-hoc legal advice and support
  • Maintains and updates contracts, consultancy agreements, works contracts and major construction contracts
  • Develops and periodically reviews the SC's business ethics policies and procedures on matters such as conflict of interest, gifts and hospitality, anti-bribery and corruption
  • Conducts regular risk assessments and updates risk mitigation plans
  • Assists with the procurement process
  • Engages in dispute management to help resolve construction-related disputes
  • Monitors Qatar's legislation and recommends appropriate action
  • Ensures protection and enforcement of SC trademarks and IP rights
  • Creates and manages action plans in response to workers' welfare audit discoveries and compliance violations
  • Provides advice and support in relation to media and crisis management matters
  • Drafts investigation plans and undertakes complete investigations

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The Marketing Department is responsible for developing, planning and executing all marketing activities, including events, films, photography, content, digital experience, promotional campaigns, sponsorship and branding.

The department has five divisions – Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Commercial and Q22 Visitor Experience – that all contribute to preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and other tournaments by connecting Host Country Operations with an amazing fan experience.

We are responsible for leading, planning and delivering a number of Host Country Projects, including Brand Management, Event Promotion, FIFA Fan Fests™ & Fan Zones, Marketing Rights Delivery, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Publications & Audiovisual, Q22 Visitor Experience, Ticketing and Signage & Décor.

Our team is a key contributor to Qatar’s vision of a delivering a successful, historic FIFA World Cup™, while leaving a lasting impact on the country and the world. 

 Children playing virtual table football.

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Organizational Excellence

  • Ensures best practice is adopted across the SC, with monitoring and robust performance management in place and continuous improvement underpinned by creative solutions
  • Provides the link between strategic goals and delivery, defines priorities, objectives, plans and KPIs, and creates progress reports to drive informed decisions
  • Leads implementation of quality standards and risk management, with ongoing reviews and updating of policies, processes and procedures
  • Directs continuous improvement initiatives in terms of employees, processes and technology, supplying innovative answers to the SC's business challenges
  • Maintains the SC's Knowledge Management library, ensuring expertise is captured and lessons learned are communicated across the business

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Programme Services (Operations) Department

  • Manages the overall budget and day-to-day cost activities for the Host Country
  • Processes payments, ensures proper cash flow and creates financial forecasts
  • Ensures all change and cost control policies, procedures and processes are aligned with organisational objectives
  • Develops and updates the SC's integrated schedule
  • Leads all baseline change management activities to ensure the integrity of the baseline (budget, schedule and scope)
  • Delivers SC portfolio-level dashboards and reports
  • Issues Host Country operational reports
  • Drives initiatives to ensure quality across operational office programme services
  • Facilitates business planning, performance measurement and knowledge management
  • Maintains enterprise risk management databases and systems
  • Develops and implements best tendering strategies to maximise value
  • Manages commercial contracts and evaluates procurement contracts

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Tournament Readiness

  • Assists with Local Organizing Committee (LOC) planning and drives Host Country Operations planning
  • Contributes operational input to technical delivery planning and stadium design reviews
  • Sets foundations for LOC venue management and operations, ensuring consistency across all venues
  • Monitors pitch development in collaboration with the Technical Delivery Office
  • Develops event experience integration across Host Country and Tournament Operations
  • Builds competition and operational expertise through local and international football events, observation and secondment programmes, and other educational initiatives
  • Acts as liaison between FIFA, the LOC and the SC, managing all interactions and working relations
  • Collects, assesses and integrates specific client, functional and venue operational input for all deliverables, bearing in mind cross-functional impacts
  • Supports the SC in delivering FIFA requirements and ensures FIFA Project Management framework and processes are followed
  • Authors the Event Foundation Plan

 Members of our tournament readiness team.

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Workers' Welfare

  • Develops effective governance and enforcement mechanisms for the Workers' Welfare Standards
  • Ensures enforcement of these standards, including through external monitoring management
  • Undertakes site inspections and audits to ensure compliance with standards
  • Interviews workers to evaluate their treatment and uncover any unlawful recruitment practices
  • Conducts technical evaluations of tenders for SC projects, in coordination with other internal teams
  • Provides workers with skills training
  • Operates worker engagement and outreach initiatives
  • Supports the development of a national workers' welfare strategy and roadmap
  • Manages relationships and maintains transparent communications with external parties interested in workers' welfare 

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