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Our community grant scheme is bringing communities across Qatar together, providing them with the means to improve their neighborhoods.

To increase your chances of being awarded a grant, please review the following information carefully before you complete the form.

What are the application criteria?

Your application must meet at least one of the following six criteria:

1. Using football as a tool for social and human development in line with the SC's values of unity, sustainability, legacy, innovation and quality.2. Applying innovative and creative approaches to widening participation in football.
3. Creating opportunities for young people aged 16-24.
4. Supporting people with disabilities.
5. Promoting solidarity regardless of gender, nationality, faith or culture.
6. Leaving a lasting legacy with the capacity to be self-sustaining in the future

The SC prefers grant applications for initiatives that:

• Provide innovative responses to the recognized needs of communities in Qatar
• Support positive and sustainable community development
• Enhance access to sports, education, the arts, cultural activities, civic and community development, and healthy lifestyles
• Promote cross-cultural understanding and enhance unity
• Improve the quality of services to local communities
• Expand access to volunteering opportunities and increase the number of volunteers in Qatar

What can't grants be used for?

The SC is unlikely to provide grants to support:

• General operating expenses, such as rent and salaries
• Debt repayment
• Expenses for travel outside Qatar
• Political campaigns
• Health projects that do not have a strong football or sport orientation
• Reimbursement for projects that have already been completed
• Connectivity (mobile and fixed)

What happens after applying?

If your application meets the Community Grant Scheme criteria outlined above, it will be shortlisted and assessed. All applicants will be notified of their application progress within 14 working days of submitting an application.

Applicants will be contacted by a member of the SC's Community Engagement team for an informal chat about the initiative. This may lead to a request for more supporting information.

The final decision regarding the success of the application and the amount of money to be awarded will be made by the SC and communicated to the applicants within six weeks of submission.

Not all successful applications will receive the same amount of funding. Funding is capped at QAR 30,000 per application, and the SC uses its discretion to award funds as it sees fit.

What happens after getting a grant?

All grant recipients must deliver their initiative within the same calendar year as the grant award date.

Grant recipients will be required to complete an evaluation form upon completion of the project. This evaluation will outline how the grant was spent and highlight the benefits it brought to its target communities.

Apply for a community grant.

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