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We never miss an opportunity to build awareness and excitement in the local community around the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.
From community festivals to national days and fan zones, participating in community events allows us to involve local people in the tournament and ask them about the legacy they want it to create.
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Celebrating diversity

A great many different nationalities lent their expertise to the renovation of a sporting icon: Khalifa International Stadium. So when it was completed in May 2017 and inaugurated with the Amir Cup final, we wanted to involve as many of those people as possible – and recognise their invaluable contributions.

Prior to kick-off, we organised a fan zone which celebrated the diversity of Qatar with music, exhibits and food from around the globe. It gave fans the chance to connect with the more than 25 different expat communities that took part, whose support was vital to the rebirth of Qatar's most famous stadium.

Another match, the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™

qualifier between Qatar and Iran, also gave us an opportunity to engage with local expats. A community festival before the fixture showcased the music, dances and cuisine of 14 different nationalities, giving visitors a glimpse of what to expect from our multicultural tournament in 2022.

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Celebrating nations

With our diverse array of employees and commitment to empowering expat communities, we are often invited to attend and speak at events marking different national days. These events allow us to better understand the people supporting our preparations for 2022, let us update them on our overall progress and receive important viewpoints that inform our planning.

We will continue to engage Qatar's vibrant tapestry of communities at every available opportunity, keeping our calendars full of exciting events.

If you would like to get in touch about an event your community is hosting, please contact [email protected].

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