Virtual Tour

Qatar is a vibrant country where the contemporary meets the traditional, where the present connects with the past and where diverse cultures live together in harmony. Most recently, this is where the FIFA World Cup 2022™ was hosted.

This is where history was made. This is where it all came together.

As millions can attest to, nothing beat being here during the tournament of a lifetime. Now, we want to share those memories with you – the teams, the players, the fans, everyone who helped make this a successful tournament and all those who couldn’t be here.

Travel virtually through Qatar and take a unique 360° tour of the country that hosted one of the most successful FIFA World Cup™ tournaments to date – a tournament of many firsts!

Take your time and immerse yourself in a tour of Doha and its surrounding areas. Explore the stadiums that delivered amazing throughout the tournament, the cultural sites where Qatar’s rich heritage and traditions shine through and fans from around the world connected, the epic destinations and attractions that pulsated with life during Qatar 2022™ and beyond, with so much more!

Find hidden corners you may have missed otherwise and indulge in an experience that takes you through the country click-by-click. Take an immersive virtual 360° panoramic tour of Qatar. Join us on a journey of discovery and watch how Qatar opens up in front of your eyes - as if you are really there - and see where history was made!

Doha Pano Tour