Day-to-day Travel

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day to day travel

During the FIFA World Cup 2022™ some areas may be busier than usual, including those near the stadiums, the FIFA Fan Festival™ and the many attractions and events across the country. 

Whether home or away, the 5 Rs and will help us all progress through the tournament without stoppages. 

5 R's
  • Consider walking, cycling or using public transport 
  • Share the ride: carpool with coworkers, family members or friends 
  • If you’re a resident and driving to a match, see if you can share the ride  
  • Avoid travel during rush hour and areas where matches are being played; try to travel at quieter times 
  • Do all of your staff need to arrive at the same time? Businesses are encouraged to implement flexible working hours to allow staff to arrive at staggered times 
  • Will your normal route be busy? Aim to plan alternative routes and allow extra time for journeys 
  • Check for road closures/ diversions before you travel 
  • Use Park & Ride options when visiting central Doha 
  • Consider getting deliveries instead of making the trip yourself 
  • Save yourself the hassle of travelling. Stock up on pantry goods before tournament time 
  • Do you really need to go to the shopping mall or supermarket? Walk and visit local convenience shops instead 
  • Avoid a busy commute and work from home when possible 
  • Reschedule meetings or trips to occur outside of matchday times 
  • Do you need to meet face-to-face? Consider switching to phone or video meetings 

We encourage everyone to use Doha’s well-connected public transport network during the tournament. Check out the Public Transport section on the Getting Around Qatar webpage to find out about the country’s range of public transport options to help you beat the traffic. 

Information about road diversions, closures and restrictions will be available closer to the tournament.