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‘The incredible impact of Generation Amazing inspires me every day’

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Moza Al Mohannadi’s FIFA World Cup™ journey started before she joined the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) in 2015. The Al Khor native – along with members of her community – worked with the SC to ensure local people had a voice in developing the precinct facilities at Al Bayt Stadium.  

Fast forward several years, and Moza is now the Marketing & Communications Director for the Generation Amazing Foundation – one of the SC’s most important legacy programmes. The CSR initiative is active in countries around the world and – thanks to innovative football for development projects – has positively impacted more than 725,000 people.

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With under six months to go until the big kick-off, sat down with Moza to learn more about her work and how she is helping Qatar deliver an historic tournament. 

Tell us about yourself.

I come from Al Thakhira, which is just outside Al Khor. I graduated from Qatar University with a degree in biomedical science before obtaining a Master’s in the subject of medical education from the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. I have always been interested in biology and microbiology – and although I don’t currently work in that field, my studies gave me the confidence to expand my skillset into a completely different career.

Why did you join the SC?

The work I did to consult the Al Khor community ahead of the construction of Al Bayt Stadium enabled me to meet many of the people that were working on the World Cup project. I was impressed at how passionately they were working to ensure the tournament is a transformative moment in the country’s development. It really encouraged me to join the SC and help to deliver a legacy that Qatar and the region can be proud of.

What do you do on a daily basis?

When I first joined the SC, I worked in the Technical Delivery Office, where I managed stakeholder relationships with other entities; mainly government ministries. This role enabled me to better understand the impact the tournament will have on the community, and how it will be a catalyst towards Qatar National Vision 2030. Specifically, I worked on housing infrastructure and the preparation of the country’s medical capabilities ahead of the World Cup. This work was the perfect introduction to my current role with Generation Amazing, a legacy programme that uses football for development as a means of supporting underprivileged communities around the world, while building a more equitable society.

Picture of Moza Al Mohannadi
What inspires you the most in your work?

I love overcoming challenges and working as part of a multicultural team that respects everyone’s differences. I am constantly inspired by the level of optimism that runs through every part of our organisation; despite the many challenges we all work to overcome on a daily basis. Qatar is a small country, but the tremendous achievements we have accomplished in preparation for the tournament have nurtured a fierce sense of defiance that is very palpable in all the work we do. But what ultimately keeps me going is knowing that the work we do through Generation Amazing has real impact on our beneficiaries. It is something that inspires me every day. This spirit of excellence is something I will carry with me wherever my career takes me next. 


The eyes of the world will be on Al Bayt Stadium when it hosts Qatar versus Ecuador on day one of the FIFA World Cup™ on 21 November 2022. Click here for the latest tickets, accommodation and Hayya Card information.

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