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Al Rayyan Stadium roof structure installation begins

Installation of the roof at Al Rayyan Stadium has begun – and it features a unique structure that will allow fans to benefit from perfect views of the playing surface.

The proposed 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ venue will be the first building in Qatar to have a tensile-compression ring structure, and also features an inner perimeter with no columns and no obstructions between spectators and the field of play.

 Al Rayyan Stadium

Installation of the 32,700m2 roof, which will be supported by 48 steel columns along the outer perimeter of the pitch, is already underway. It's the latest major milestone at Al Rayyan Stadium, where more than 68,000m3 of concrete has been poured and 1,396 stadium precast bleachers have been installed.

The SC's Al Rayyan Project Manager, Abdullah Al Fehani, said: "This is a big milestone for the project and makes Al Rayyan Stadium the first building in Qatar with this type of roof structure with tensile-compression ring system. The inner perimeter column free structure guarantee perfect pitch views for the spectators of the stadium."

He continued: "This roof structure originates from the bicycle wheel principle, where a lightweight structure can hold large loads. The field of play and spectator lighting, as well as the large screen displays, bowl sound system, and most importantly the façade, will all hang from this structure."

 Al Rayyan Stadium

The steel for the roof and upper tier seats will be delivered from China by Jinggong Steel Trading & Contracting, the company that is fabricating and installing the columns, while a 1,250-tonne lifting capacity crane which is over 100 metres tall, is carrying out the heavy lifting of approximately 140 tonnes of steel. 

Located approximately 20km west of Doha, Al Rayyan Stadium will host matches up to the quarter-finals stage during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™. 

Post-2022, almost half of the stadium's 40,000 modular seats will be removed and given to football development projects abroad. The smaller post-tournament arena will enable popular QNB Stars League side Al Rayyan to maintain the intense passion its fans are famous for.

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