Generation Amazing empowers local youth.
Generation Amazing empowers local youth.


New Generation Amazing initiative empowers local youth to deliver positive social change

Generation Amazing – the FIFA World Cup 2022™ social and legacy programme – has launched a new initiative which will empower young people from Qatar to deliver positive social change in their communities.


The Generation Amazing Youth Advocates Programme will initially include nine females and six males aged between 16 and 24. Each advocate will be empowered to represent and uphold Generation Amazing pillar causes, such as gender quality and inclusion.


As well as helping to deliver positive social change, advocates will help to find solutions to multilateral and national social challenges through the use of sport as a transformative tool.


Generation Amazing empowers local youth.


Advocates will promote Generation Amazing’s mission and values on the ground. They will undertake a year-long journey to develop their skills and fulfil their roles. During their training, advocates will participate in several online webinars investigating a variety of issues related to the field of sport for development and social change. 


In addition, they will play a key role in Generation Amazing activations and events in an interactive learning environment. The Generation Amazing Festival, an annual football for development event in Doha taking hundreds of international youth on an active citizenship through football training, will be one of the highlights and learning opportunities for the advocates. 


Generation Amazing Programmes Director, Nasser Al Khori, said: “Generation Amazing’s Youth Advocates Programme has trained more than 60 youth advocates internationally since its inception. Our latest initiative continues to focus on inspiring a generation committed to using sport as a tool for social change, based on leadership skills, tolerance and diversity.”


Generation Amazing empowers local youth.


Moza Al Mohannadi, Generation Amazing’s Marketing & Communications Director, said: “We look forward to following our youth advocates’ journey and seeing how they grow into their new roles as leaders of the programme, in continuation of our mission to use football as an empowerment tool for social change, both in the lead-up to Qatar 2022 and beyond.”


One of the new advocates is 16-year-old Ali Fakhroo. He said: “I am really excited to meet people from different cultures as it will help us to establish new relationships. I am going to use football for good, for social justice and for social change.”


Fakhroo added: “Football is one my biggest passions so to use football and implement it with the social development goals, such as gender equality, and other issues that I am adamant about, it’s great to be a part for it. It’s really an honour for me to advocate for such change through a sport that I truly love.”


Generation Amazing empowers local youth.


Another advocate, 22-year-old Shouq Al Sulaiti, said: “I am looking forward to giving back to my community. Using football for development is an unusual, challenging and interesting way to achieve this. I am inspired by the football for good movement, in the pursuit of social change, and excited to be a part of this journey.”


Generation Amazing was launched during Qatar’s successful bid to host the World Cup. The programme seeks to aid communities with identified needs via a football-driven methodology and strategy of training, both on the pitch and in classrooms, activating skills in communication, teamwork and leadership, to benefit the development of communities who come into contact with its teachings.


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