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Generation Amazing partners with Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)'s Generation Amazing has announced it is programme is partnering with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation for Arab and Islamic Relief, Development and Cooperation (JHCO) in order to bring the football for development programme to refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan and across the world.

Generation Amazing, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)'s flagship CSR programme, joins forces with JHCO, who are known for their cross sectoral relief and humanitarian work across in Jordan and internationally, bringing emergency assistance and providing aid for victims of man-made and natural disasters. 

The partnership aims to implement the Generation Amazing methodology into already existing sport for development infrastructure in Jordan as well as initiate an exchange of knowledge and operating space in Jordan, Qatar and worldwide. 

An official partnership signing ceremony took place on the 21 November during the WISE 2019 Summit at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha. The event was attended by JHCO Chairman of the Board of Trustees, HRH Prince Rashid bin El Hassan, SC Secretary General H.E. Hassan Al Thawadi and the JHCO Secretary General, H.E. Ayman Al Mufleh.  

"We are proud and excited to partner with such a renowned international humanitarian organizationorganisation to, and will be further enhanceing our Generation Amazing reach and impact across the region and the world by working together with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation over the next four years," said HE Hassan Al Thawadi, SC Secretary General. 

He continued: "JHCO has an impressive reputation for providing high quality support to affected individuals and communities in Jordan, the MENA region and further afield. 

"We believe We see that this partnership will not only ensure that both Generation Amazing and JHCO are able to serve refugee and other vulnerable populations over the coming years, while helping both entities to innovate but as well innovate respectively as organisations working in the humanitarian sector. We look forward to implementing this collaborative effort which will use football for development to improve the lives of young people." 

The Generation Amazing football for development programme works with participantsis aimed at to developing communication, leadership and teamwork skills while also promoting values like inclusion, integration, gender equality and building a higher sense of active citizenship among youth through the power of football.

Al Mufleh added: "The partnership between the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organiszation and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy's Generation Amazing programme provides a valuable opportunity for both organisations to not only provide support to refugees and vulnerable communities in Jordan and other countries, but to also aid in modernising their skills and experience to help integrate them into host communities through sport for development."t," said Ayman Al Mufleh, JHCO Secretary General.

Generation Amazing football for development sessions run in communities across Asia and the Middle East, and have aimed to provide youth with training that not only enables them to participate but also engage with the development programme by becoming coaches for their own community. 

Further elaborating on what the partnership is hoping to achieve, Al Mufleh said JHCO are looking forward to extending the ways in which it can support refugee communities by further establishing alternative methods for interacting with young people.

"This partnership provides an essential opportunity to boost the morale of refugees, giving them the stepping stones they need to improve their quality of life. Hands on work, such as that exhibited in this programme, will most definitely improve the relationship and instills trust between the charity and refugees, providing a solid ground for both parties to grow together and creating a mutually beneficial environment, creating the first steps for socio-economic growth."

In working on such a project, Al Mufleh further indicated that JHCO are hopeful that the Generation Amazing programme will help refugee and vulnerable youth to move forward and thrive into being active figures in their societies.

More than 500,000 beneficiaries have been reached to date through Generation Amazing, which is currently operating in eight countries: Qatar, Oman, Nepal, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Philippines and India.

The programme plans to extend its outreach in the next few years by doubling that figure and impacting the lives of  one1 million beneficiaries by 2022.

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