calendar_today November 24, 2022

‘It's pretty amazing what a football tournament can achieve’

General news

More than 20,000 volunteers are helping to deliver the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ – the biggest sporting event ever to be held in the Middle East and Arab world.

Among the volunteers is 28-year-old Alaeddine Masmoudi from Tunisia. He is supporting Spectator Services at Al Janoub Stadium, which is hosting seven matches during the tournament.

Alaeddine discussed his volunteering journey and pride at participating in the first World Cup in the region.

What convinced you to be a Qatar 2022 volunteer?

I used to volunteer and organise events back in Tunisia. Having a World Cup organised by an Arab country is extraordinary and could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Qatar is also full of cultural diversity, which makes everything great. I am also a huge football fan so this is ideal for me!

How are you finding Qatar so far?

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. I heard a lot about it but I was surprised by the cleanliness, organisation and discipline. Everything is in order.

Describe your role during the tournament.

My role is simple but important. We help the fans make the most of their journey and ensure they have a smooth entry into the stadium and enjoy the game. If a fan needs help or has a problem with their ticket, we will help them to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Talk us through a normal day as a Spectator Services volunteer.

On a shift day, I wake up after a good rest and start the day with a healthy breakfast and a shower. I put my uniform on and head to the stadium, where I gather with the other volunteers to check-in and listen to the briefing from our team leader. I then head to my assigned location and wait for the fans to bring their positive energy. During free time, I try to explore Qatar or head to the FIFA Fan Festival to watch the games with my friends.

What skills are you learning during your volunteer journey?

I have learned the meaning of teamwork and the skills needed to work alongside people who I’ve never met before. I have also enhanced my leadership and communication skills, which are essential for any team dynamic.

What are some key takeaways from your volunteer experience?

I have loved interacting with people from all over the world and being exposed to different cultures. Another takeaway is being able to introduce Arab culture to many foreigners. It’s pretty amazing what a football tournament can achieve.

How does it feel to be supporting the first World Cup in the region?

I am overwhelmed to be a part of it! We’ve been talking about this event ever since 2010. Everyone in the region wanted to be a part of this prestigious tournament in this beautiful country. I am determined to make the most of this journey and learn as many skills as I can. I’m also looking forward to expanding my network of contacts.