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Qatar is very safe and has outstanding attractions

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Elisabete Reis Majlis

Portuguese Elisabete Reis believes Qatar’s mix of modern and traditional will offer fans an exciting array of attractions when they attend this year’s FIFA World Cup™.

The mum-of-three, who has lived in Doha since 2006, cannot wait for the big kick-off on 21 November. The image and protocol consultant, originally from Lisbon, says fans should expect a safe country and plenty of places to visit, including the desert, outstanding museums and traditional marketplaces.


How much has Qatar changed since you arrived 16 years ago?

Qatar is a different country now; it’s not even comparable. There have been so many changes – it’s like living in two different countries. It has grown so much and there are many opportunities now. Back in 2006, the population was smaller and it felt like we all knew each other. Now, Doha is a huge city. The infrastructure is incredible and many more services and events have arrived. One thing I like is that Qatar is still one of the safest countries in the world, despite growing a lot.


What is your favourite place to visit?

I love Al Ghariya Beach because it’s very natural and untouched. It’s not surrounded by any hotels or construction. You can go and set up your tent for the shade, then have the most beautiful and peaceful day. A lot of people know about it now, but when I first came to Qatar, we were the only ones that visited the beach.


Where else would you recommend?

All the museums here are outstanding and well worth visiting. I would also recommend going on a tour. There are tour guides here who speak many languages. I have discovered things on a tour that I didn’t know about at all. It will help you to get to know the country.

Elisabete Reis Portugal
What advice would you give to fans heading to the country for the World Cup later this year?

First of all, inform yourself and ask questions. In the world we live today, there is no excuse for not knowing about other places. You can go online and learn everything about the country. This is a different region to Europe, for example, and there are certain customs and protocols to be observed. You should research and understand that there is a certain way of living here that we should respect.


Will you be hosting friends and family during the World Cup?

I think we have all our spots filled already! We had a lot of requests from people we don’t know but we have prioritised family and friends, who have been anticipating this World Cup for many years. We have two guests that want to come for the whole tournament, while some will come for two or three games.


Portugal will play their group stage games at Education City, Lusail and Stadium 974. How much are you looking forward to the matches?

We are just so excited for these games, as we’ve been through every step of Qatar’s journey towards the World Cup. We are huge football fans and very passionate about supporting Portugal. The atmosphere is going to be incredible.


How do you think Portugal will do at Qatar 2022?

At this point, we can’t just be optimistic. We have to hope and want it – and we do want to win. I think the team is really good and very well prepared. They have a great opportunity now to surprise – but it’s football, every game is so unpredictable.


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