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SC issues Workers' Welfare Standards

 SC issues Workers' Welfare Standards

 The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has released a comprehensive set of Workers' Welfare Standards. Aligned with Qatari labour law and international best practice, the standards set clear guidelines for protecting the rights of workers throughout the entire chain of contracting, from recruitment to repatriation. 

"We have always believed that Qatar's hosting of the FIFA World Cup™ would be a catalyst to accelerate positive initiatives already being undertaken by Qatar, which will leave a legacy of enhanced, sustainable and meaningful progress in regards to workers' welfare across the country", said SC Secretary General Hassan Al Thawadi.

The standards will be included in all construction contracts issued by the SC, and complement the work being undertaken by the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs (MoLSA). In the past six months alone, MoLSA has increased its number of trained labour inspectors by 30%. In the past three months alone, the ministry has conducted 11,500 spot checks. 

The Workers' Welfare Standards enable the SC to address some of the most critical concerns about worksite and living conditions for workers on SC projects. For example, guidelines for accommodation cover everything from the number of beds per room to the minimal allowable standards of cleanliness and hygiene. A four-tier audit system, supported by independent third-party auditors, will ensure compliance, allowing the SC, stakeholders and the international community to track progress and improvements. 

Representatives from some of the largest infrastructure projects in the country, along with the SC and Qatar Foundation, will meet soon to discuss adopting a unified standard, in line with the country's vision for social development, as described in the Qatar National Vision 2030.

"We will continue to work closely with our partners to achieve practical solutions which will leave a sustainable legacy for Qatar long after 2022", said Farah Al Muftah, Chairwoman of the SC Workers' Welfare Committee.

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