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Youth Panel visits Al Bayt Stadium – Al Khor City

It's been a busy few months for members of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy's (SC) Youth Panel, including visits to Al Bayt Stadium – Al Khor City and the Al Kass TV studios.

More than 50 young people aged between 14 and 21 have joined this year's Youth Panel, which is now in its fourth year and gives students the chance to learn about planning and preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2022™.

Following an introductory session, which explained the SC's work and outlined expectations for members, the group visited Al Bayt Stadium – Al Khor City. The stadium, which will have a capacity of 60,000 and host matches up to the semi-finals stage in 2022, is in the final stages of construction.

The group also learned about the value of volunteering during a workshop with Qatar Voluntary Centre and visited Al Kass TV studios to learn about the broadcasting plans for Qatar 2022. The group also enjoyed a football for development session with the SC's Generation Amazing programme.

Salam Alkhuraibi, 16, said his friends and family were excited to hear about his Youth Panel experiences.

"Everyone in Qatar is very excited about the World Cup, so I think being part of the Youth Panel will be one of the most exciting journeys I ever experience."

He added: "We had a lot of fun at Al Kass and really enjoyed playing football at Al Bayt Stadium. I've been sharing my experiences with family, friends and schoolmates – and they are excited to hear what I will do next and find out more about Qatar's World Cup."

Miguel Cases, 15, said: "Youth Panel has given me the opportunity to explore Qatar's bright future. I've been exposed to a side of Qatar that I've never seen before, despite living here for 15 years.

"Being a part of the group has given me a glimpse of the nation's future and given me the privilege of meeting the diverse group of people who are making this event happen. These people have given me advice, memories and life lessons that will stick with me forever."

Sindhu Rao, 16, said she was proud to be part of a group featuring more than 30 different nationalities.

"Youth Panel is a melting pot of different cultures and ideas. It has brought together like-minded people who share a passion for sport and, more importantly, a desire to spread the word about the amazing journey leading to the 2022 World Cup.

"Every workshop is interactive and informative and I have discovered so many integral aspects in the preparation for the event – be it equipment handling and safety procedures at Al Bayt Stadium or media coverage and its technical aspects at Al Kass."

Youth Panel members will take part in numerous events in the coming months, including workshops dedicated to Qatar Rail, tournament operations, social media and first aid. They will also get the chance to promote SC events on social media and volunteer at special events.

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