Health & Safety

The success of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ hinges on the amazing work being carried out every day by the individuals delivering our stadiums.


Health & safety awareness is embedded in the corporate culture of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), and we strongly believe that every employee deserves safe, healthy and humane working and living conditions. We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of all employees on our projects.

The challenge

Statistical analysis indicates that a large percentage of accidents on construction sites globally occur due to a lack of understanding of, or failure to comply with, safety instructions. In many cases, this is due to poor communication. The SC's workforce is multinational and speaks several different languages.

Various communication methods are being used on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ construction sites, including written and visual messages, information sessions, and training. Most employees come from countries with varying levels of functional illiteracy. This presents unique communications challenges requiring innovative solutions.

A second area for innovation concerns the heat and humidity experienced during the summer months in Qatar. Entrants had the challenge of finding effective means of monitoring health and hydration during these months and year-round. While designed to ensure employees' health & safety, this innovation could have broader applications for others requiring precise and timely information, such as elite athletes.

Focus areas

Occupational health & safety awareness

As the world becomes more inter-connected and workplaces become increasingly diverse, ensuring effective learning, development, awareness, and adoption of health & safety best practice among employees and employers, on-site and off-site, is essential. This will require new solutions, including but not limited to those which:

• Provide employees with easily understood information about their health, safety, rights and obligations.

• Create cost-effective and scalable means of communicating multilingual occupational health & safety information to employees and employers on site, and potentially from remote sites.

Enhance, monitor and control health & safety of employees

Staying in peak condition while exerting yourself outdoors in hot and humid conditions is crucial for employees in Qatar. Cost-effective and practical solutions which are either original/new to the market or an adaption of an existing idea and technology are required, including but not limited to those that:

• Use personal protective equipment (PPE) in an innovative way to reduce the effect of heat and humidity by controlling or lowering a person's temperature.

• Capture and track changes in employees' health remotely.

• Proactively respond to imminent risks or hazards on construction sites.Health & safety practices are already in effect on all construction sites related to the FIFA World Cup 2022™. This challenge aimed not to redefine health & safety practices, but to find innovative ways to address the focus areas.

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