Tourism Experience

Tourism Experience

In 2022, fans from around the world will converge on Qatar in a celebration of the beautiful game. 


The FIFA World Cup 2022™ will provide us with a new opportunity to share the Middle East's cherished cultural heritage and spirit of generosity with the world. It is imperative that we provide our guests with consistently high levels of service, and deliver an amazing experience at every touchpoint.

Qatar’s National Tourism Council has identified four types of tourism products and services that will contribute to exceptional visitor experiences.

These are:

• Culture and heritage products: providing authentic cultural experiences and developing products and services that promote and perpetuate Arab culture.
• Business events: developing products and services catering to event visitors and event organisation.
• Recreation and sports tourism: developing products and services that cater to family recreation and sports tourism, including health and wellness offerings and recreation and sporting activities.
• Urban and family entertainment: expanding the offering of exceptional urban experiences, with an emphasis on family (e.g. theme parks, destination resorts, museums and edutainment facilities).

The Challenge

The whole Arab world will contribute to delighting and inspiring the world in 2022. To enhance our existing plans, entrants shared unique and exceptional ideas which show visitors from across the globe the beauty of Arab heritage and culture. We want to create truly memorable experiences which reflect the best of who we are to fans, while contributing to the long-term diversification of the Qatari and regional economies.

Focus Areas

Cultural services and amenities for fan villages 

Fan villages will act as accommodation and entertainment hubs before, during and even after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Developing new services, products and amenities which provide high-impact, emotionally engaging experiences for families and children staying in and visiting fan villages will be a key element of their success. Innovative products and services related to fan villages should be scalable, considering the need for expanded capacity during the tournament and other large events, and for post-event downscaling.

Unique tourism experiences 

The Middle East is a rich tapestry of cultures woven together by a shared language and values. Innovative methods of providing tourists with authentic Qatari and Middle Eastern cultural experiences, aligned with Qatar Tourism Authority priorities, include but are not limited to:

• Unique services and experiences.

• Recreational activities, such as existing or new sports, nature and adventure activities.

• Excursions and educational programmes to educate visitors about Qatar and the region.

• Iconic products or souvenirs made or designed in Qatar.

Accessibility for all

Tourist sites and experiences cannot be truly enjoyed unless information and the attractions themselves are accessible to all. Developing innovative products and services that enhance accessibility can include but is not limited to:

• Ensuring that personalised, real-time, user-friendly information, such as maps and information on destinations, events, restaurants, hotels and transport, is accessible to all, including people with disabilities.

• Ensuring all tourist venues and their programme ranges are accessible to all, including people with disabilities.

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