A volunteer helping a fan at a football match
A volunteer helping a fan at a football match

Language & Translation

In 2022, we will deliver the best-connected football tournament ever. We want to make sure fans can actively engage with the tournament using effective communication methods. Fans should have a seamless and customised experience, regardless of any language or communication issues.

The success of the world’s biggest sporting event depends upon a well-connected and well-informed audience of fans and visitors.

The task is to create a more accessible, safer and better tournament experience for all through the use of innovative technology services.

Two people using sign language to communicate
A person reading braille

Your innovation solutions should focus on at least one of the following areas:

Translation and interpreting solutions

Information is key for mega-events; it not only enables fans to engage more, but also to use all the services the event and host country are offering. Serving the many nationalities that will attend the world’s biggest football tournament is a challenge – and a requirement. Proposed solutions should address these issues using innovative technologies.

Voice technologies, sign language and braille

This will be a truly inclusive event. Therefore it is imperative that we enable fans with disabilities to enjoy the same experience as everyone else. Proposed solutions should offer innovative ways to implement communication technologies across the various platforms used by fans.

This could include digital platforms, apps, websites, signage and wayfinding.