A wheelchair sign and accessibility ramp
A wheelchair sign and accessibility ramp

Wayfinding & Navigation

With an estimated two million fans coming to Qatar for the world's biggest football tournament, providing a seamless experience is a challenge. The tournament experience needs to be unique, memorable and easy to access – for disabled and able-bodied fans.

This applies to stadiums and precincts, fan zones, tourist attractions and entertainment, events, modes of transport and malls.

Proposals must provide creative solutions that give all fans an amazing tournament experience, regardless of where they’re staying in Qatar, their nationality or any disabilities. Solutions should provide real-time data and information allowing fans to easily find their way and make decisions.

Solution should use IoT, beacons, AR/ VR, AI and other innovations that can enhance the user experience.

Wayfinding signs at a Doha Metro station

The proposed solutions should focus on at least one or more of the following areas:

Wayfinding solutions

The solutions should use cutting-edge navigational tools to enable fans to reach their destinations efficiently and cater to all fans, regardless of gender, age or physical abilities. Proposed digital platforms should not be limited to smartphones, but include navigational screens and outdoor digital technologies.

Journey planning and navigation

Many fans will be visiting the Middle East for the first time in 2022, so they will need real-time information about traffic, public transport, taxis, hotels, restaurants, parking, toilets, baby changing and ablution facilities, mosques and venue entrances and exits.

This will require new applications using available data to support accessibility within Qatar. Solutions could also have new features that add value to existing applications. Solutions should include information about queueing time and crowd density, in order for fans to make more informed decisions.