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Group of people in a meeting room


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Challenge 22 is the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s (SC) flagship innovation programme that opens the door for entrepreneurs and innovators to explore solutions that directly enhance or address the challenges related to mega-events, and bring benefits to Qatar and the wider region. The programme targets global talent, with a focus on the Arab region.


Applications will remain open until 2022. We will give prior notice of any end date on the Challenge 22 website.


Complete the online application and submit all necessary documents. We recommend that you complete your application offline and then copy and paste your answers into the online form. Please read the Applicant Guide for more information.


Any startup within its first five years of operation, after incorporation with a market-ready product or solution. Please read the full eligibility criteria in the Applicant Guide.


To be eligible to apply, the startup must have user traction with demonstrable use. However, in exceptional cases, the application may be evaluated on the merits and potential of the product/ solution alone and how relevant it is to the focus areas.


Implementation and global exposure

Implement and showcase your product at local, regional and international events held in Qatar.


The chance to receive grant funding to implement, pilot or operate your innovative solutions.

Business support

Support to operate your startup and establish a presence in Qatar.


Receive coaching and mentoring support from leading industry and subject-matter experts.


Connect with potential investors and clients from a wide range of fields.

Retention of equity and IP

Receive equity-free grant funding and retain exclusive ownership of all intellectual property (IP) rights.


For the initial application, only a pitch deck is required. If selected for the next stage, you will be requested to submit a detailed business proposal.


Please note that this pitch deck template is only a guide to highlight the information required for submitting. You may choose your own design.

Yes, your management team should explain how and why the startup was founded. Anything else will not be accepted.


You will receive an automated response upon your successful submission. Then you will be notified of your application status and whether you have been accepted for the next stage of the selection process.


This could be for multiple reasons, such as the application not meeting the eligibility criteria or the solution/ product not being applicable to our current needs.


Our focus areas aim to give fans and stakeholders a personalised and memorable experience at the tournament:

There is also an open innovation category for products and solutions that could make a difference to the tournament, the fan experience and Qatar.


Yes, we fund startups based on relevance and applicability.


Yes. We would still be interested in exploring opportunities to work with your company if your solution is viable.


We would still encourage you to apply. The grant will take into consideration the cost-benefit parameters when assessing the solution and how innovative it is.


Yes, but not with the same solution or focus area.


You do not need to relocate. However, if your startup is selected and you are required to establish a company in Qatar, Challenge 22 will support you with this process.


You do not need a visa to apply to Challenge 22. However, if your startup is selected and you need to come to Qatar, Challenge 22 can provide you with information about the visa requirements and support your application, if necessary.


No, but allowances will be considered in specific cases.


Challenge 22 and the SC do not claim any proprietary rights over your IP, but will have usage rights for the product or solution developed, based on the utilised grant fund.


The selected startups are given an equity-free grant to implement the solution.


The application review committee will consist of representatives from the SC and, if required, external experts.


Videos help the application review committee get a better understanding of your company and founders.


The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) was established by the State of Qatar in 2011 to deliver the infrastructure and host country planning and operations required for Qatar to host a historic tournament in 2022. The SC accelerates Qatar’s progress towards achieving national development goals and creates a lasting legacy for the country, region, Asia and the world.

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