Health & Safety

Qatar will be hosting many international tournaments over the next two years, culminating with the world’s biggest football tournament in 2022. Large gatherings and events highlight the importance of health & safety practices. It is important that visitors feel comfortable, safe and secure during their stay in Qatar.

Your solutions should be relevant to the fan experience, so we suggest including one or more of the below areas. The below areas are more of a guide to what is expected: do not feel limited to the proposed solutions only.

Accessing safety and security services

Platforms that are both informative and enabled with emergency response activation are critical. At large events, fans may need to request emergency services, such as first aid, ambulances, fire & rescue services, the coastguard or the police.

Features such as language options, translation, location scanning and other communication methods (e.g. instant chat and free phone calls) will be required. The solutions will have a two-way communication benefit:

  1. Fans can access the required services on demand
  2. Service providers can caution fans about any high-risk situations, such as traffic jams, fires, and high crowd density
Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Family-focused solutions

Many families will attend the world’s biggest football tournament in 2022, making the need for safety protocol technology critical. Potential uses include safety of children, family needs and information on child-friendly locations and age-restricted areas.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Information that can help people with disabilities must be integrated into other platforms, such as safe routes with accessibility friendly solutions like ramps, wide walkways, specialised kiosks, vending machines and toilets. Solutions for visually impaired people, such as voice-based systems, must be developed as per the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

Other solutions

We would also like to hear about other solutions if your solution can benefit the fan experience. The solutions could be tools or service components that can be integrated into existing systems.