How It Works

Incubation Phase

The second cycle of Challenge 22 has now finished, and our judges have selected the winning ideas. You can find out more about the evaluation process here.

For winning proposals with the potential to proceed to the proof of concept stage and prototype development, applicants have been given the opportunity to continue to the incubation phase and receive a grant of up to USD 100,000 to develop their idea to proof of concept stage. The incubation phase further connects winners with a mentor network made up of research, academic and business leaders, who will assist them in bringing their ideas to life.

Eligibility and grant awards for the incubation phase were considered on a case-by-case basis. The following criteria were applied to all incubation phase grantees:

1. The incubation phase is intended to take place in Qatar. The Challenge 22 organisers will, at their sole discretion, examine individual cases where winning proposals can participate in the incubation phase outside Qatar.
2. Incubation phase projects will be 12 months in duration, beginning from the date a grant agreement is signed.
3. Any funding will be provided in a number of tranches, and managed on the applicants' behalf by the mentor organisation.
4. Applicants will be expected to participate in technical, administrative and financial reporting.

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