Amazing Reality View Experience

Amazing Reality View Experience

A team of university students wanted to create a completely different kind of fan experience.

The idea

For events such as football, the Amazing Reality View Experience (ARVEX) will be the next best thing to a ticket for a big event.

Using virtual reality (VR) technology and existing VR glasses, it will allow fans anywhere in the world to interact with events and feel closer to the action, combining the advantages of watching events on TV with an immersive event viewing experience.

ARVEX is ideally suited to hugely popular events like the FIFA World Cup™, where demand for tickets always exceeds supply. Also, by 2022, ARVEX might have a place in the homes of football fans around the globe, allowing them to experience the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ like no tournament before it.

The team

ARVEX was developed by a team of three young men, all from the Middle East, who were studying at Qatar University at the time.

A chance meeting at the university between Ali Eldous, who was born to Palestinian parents in Doha, and Salman Badnava, a Doha resident from Iran, resulted in the decision to apply for Challenge 22. Sudanese Ahmed Abdelaziz completed the team. Like Eldous, Abdelaziz studied computer science, while Badnava was an electrical engineering student.


Eldous felt the composition of the team was crucial in their success: "Without a team you cannot do anything. We are multicultural and multi-disciplined – we all bring something different to the group."

The team have received both funding for the project and the advice of an expert mentor from Qatar Science & Technology Park, helping them edge closer to changing the fan experience forever.

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