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Bonocle could change the way visually impaired people use digital content.

The idea

As technology advances, our world becomes more and more accessible and inclusive. Bonocle is a prime example of this progress.

This ingenious, easy-to-use electronic device uses Bluetooth technology to transform digital content into braille messages. It greatly improves visually impaired people's digital access – at a much lower cost than existing devices.

'Challenge 22 offered us support every step of the way.'

The team

This talented team of computer scientists and engineers has extensive experience in product development.

Abdelrazek Aly, Ramy Abdulzaher, Mahmoud Eltouny and Kariem Fahmi – all from Qatar – used their collective expertise to address problems that visually impaired university students have when accessing digital content. They are passionate about increasing literacy in visually impaired people and providing assistive technology that anybody can afford.

After the "tremendous support" of Challenge 22, the next step for the team is a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture Bonocle and get it in the hands of users.

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