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Sharing your passion for football just got easier.

The idea

Snapgoal is like Snapchat for football, allowing fans to view and post photos and 15-second videos. It's the first social app for football fans in the Middle East, helping fans in the region to share their passion for the beautiful game.

 In addition to winning Challenge 22, Snapgoal was a finalist in the MIT Arab Startup Competition and the World Summit Awards.

Having already launched the app for Android and IOS devices, the team will formally launch it in Egypt in the near future. They are also raising funds and inviting investment to develop the app further.

'Startups are like a seed: the more you water it, the more beautiful fruit it yields.'

The team

Based in Jordan, the seven-strong Snapgoal team consists of developers, social media gurus and content experts.

Before their Challenge 22 success, the team had to shut the business down. Team leader Mohammed Zaid Al-Kilany said: "No-one believed in us. But when we won Challenge 22, our lives became different."

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