Our expert-led skills workshops do more than just help the individual taking them. They give them the ability to enrich their communities from within.

Firstly, we help people to develop personally and professionally through sector-specific training, which lasts for six months. Participants gain knowledge, skills and inspiration.

They then pass on what they have learnt, delivering a project or activity to members of their community. This act consolidates their knowledge, gives them confidence and motivates the whole community to learn.

We run four distinct types of workshop, each of which reflects a core objective of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy and brings participants closer to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.


Football development

These workshops build upon our commitment to use the tournament to effect social and economic development in Qatar.

Stadiums and infrastructure

Participants learn about best practice in the design, engineering and construction fields, with a focus on the tournament's legacy, particularly as it relates to infrastructure.

Social and human legacy

These sessions teach the value of close-knit communities and civic engagement, and emphasise the importance of communities' input into our plans.

Widening access to football

One of our key goals is to extend access to football, helping marginalised individuals to play the game they love. The trainers and partners we select for these workshops share that goal.


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