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From Brazil's Atlantic coast to the highlands of Nepal, Generation Amazing projects have reached thousands of people.

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Green Generation

"The art workshops have been teaching teamwork, communication skills and positive participation through football." Michael Richardson, Generation Amazing master coach.

Over a three-week period, Generation Amazing taught 50 workers in Al Khor about recycled art as part of the Green Generation initiative.

By teaching them to make simple decorations from recycled materials, we raised awareness of how easy it is to be more sustainable – and how important it is for the future of the planet. They will pass this knowledge on to friends and family, sending the green message around the globe.

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Healthy Generation

"I learned that to have a long life, I need to stay healthy by eating healthy food and doing exercise." Zainab Osman Awadelkarim, middle school student.

At the age of ten, Zainab took part in our Healthy Generation initiative, which has reached almost 150 schoolchildren in Qatar since May 2016.

Using football training to introduce key health issues, the initiative has been warmly received by both students and teachers. It will soon be expanding to include more schools and we hope that children like Zainab will spread the message of healthy living to family, friends and communities throughout the Middle East.

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Inclusive Generation

"Generation Amazing refreshed my mind, gave me new friends and enabled me to experience the hospitality of Qatar." Alhassan Abdullatif, site foreman.

Two workers, Alhassan Abdullatif and Kunwar Shamsher Singh, went from participating in Inclusive Generation in 2016 to delivering it in 2017.

Their training taught them about respect, communication, supporting others and other vital principles, and their enthusiasm convinced us that they could pass these skills on. Their story inspires their fellow workers, demonstrating that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is very much their tournament.

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