Girls playing football on a community pitch, watched by a large crowd.
Girls playing football on a community pitch, watched by a large crowd.

Generation Amazing Community Clubs

Created by the community, for the community: that’s how Generation Amazing Community Clubs work.

Since 2010, Generation Amazing has set up 30 football pitches for underprivileged communities across the Middle East and Asia. Building on this, in 2020, we came up with the idea of the Generation Amazing Community Club (GACC) – with the first clubs to be launched in Tacloban (the Philippines) and Rurka Kalan (India).

Group of girls posing for a photo at a Generation Amazing event.

What is a Generation Amazing Community Club?

Quite simply, a GACC is a safe place to get together, learn and play.

Girl shooting towards goal.
Girls playing football.

We want these clubs to become community-powered hubs that support young people and projects that use football to create positive social change. It’s mainly young people who lead the clubs, making their voices heard, making decisions and making the agenda for the community.

Members learn and contribute to change through sport, backed by civil society, leaders in sport, local government, businesses and other institutions. The result is powerful: ongoing development in engaged and empowered communities that are firmly on the road to social cohesion.

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