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Inclusive Generation

Unity is a key value for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC). We are determined to use the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ to bring people together, encourage understanding between different cultures and make the world a better, more inclusive place.

To achieve this, we are educating people in Qatar and further afield on what it takes to be truly inclusive.


Inclusive Generation in Qatar

Qatar has long been a melting pot of various cultures, and welcomes many thousands of new workers each year, posing challenges for social unity. We are helping to overcome these challenges through workshops in local schools that teach children and young people the importance of respecting everyone, regardless of background, race and religion. They also learn about the workers' many contributions to Qatar's culture and the country's rapid development.

 Inclusive Generation
 Inclusive Generation

Away from the classroom, these youngsters meet and play football with people from different cultures, taking part in training and trust exercises with them. Co-operation on the football field is a powerful way to bring people together and make them see that everyone is essentially the same.

We also work directly with those who have moved to Qatar to work on infrastructure and other projects, boosting their self-worth and self-awareness, and giving them new skills and opportunities. In addition to providing a vital sense of belonging, our training courses enable them to materially improve their circumstances.

 Inclusive Generation
 Inclusive Generation

Inclusive Generation beyond Qatar

In some of the same places where the SC is turning football pitches into hubs for communities and healthy living, there is also a great need to address social exclusion. Out on these pitches, football plays an important role in making teammates of people from different backgrounds.

Education is also crucial. Through workshops, we promote the values of universal respect and helping those who are vulnerable or isolated to transform their situations. We are giving excluded people opportunities they would otherwise lack, while enhancing local capacity to help such individuals and communities. The SC identifies appropriate places using the Human Development Index.

Wherever we run Generation Amazing programmes, we take the message of unity and social inclusion with us. That message is behind everything the SC is doing in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, when the whole world will see just what unity can achieve.


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