Large group of Generation Amazing participants.
Large group of Generation Amazing participants.

What We Believe In

Where social cohesion and social inclusion meet, that’s the space that Generation Amazing works in.

Our tried and tested approach to football for development follows the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We know the way to social cohesion is through people co-operating and working together at all levels of society to reach collective goals. An essential aim of Generation Amazing is to promote social inclusivity, making sure participants feel safe, accepted and recognised – and that they belong.  

Smiling Generation Amazing coach.
Three Generation Amazing participants.


Gender Equality 

With the support of international partners, Generation Amazing has championed women’s and girls’ inclusion in sport and gender equality (UN SDG 5) in impoverished communities.

We’re proud to say that getting women and girls involved in Generation Amazing has transformed the usual gender roles in these communities. It’s also given girls and young women the chance to develop life skills through football. And what’s more, many progress through the training and emerge as Generation Amazing coaches and advocates.

Young women playing football.
Mixed-gender football training session.


On average, there is a 45% female and 55% male participation rate internationally in the programme, and we’re committed to improving this ratio even further.


Generation Amazing completely embraces inclusivity, regardless of gender, religion, race or age (UN SDG 10), ensuring equitable, quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for everyone (UN SDG 4).

The programme also highlights the value of leading a healthy life and ensuring wellbeing for all, at all ages (UN SDG 3). Everyone who takes part in Generation Amazing learns that physical activity and sport play a huge role in healthy lifestyles; it’s one lesson that we deliver again and again. 

Global partnership for sustainable social development

At its most basic level, Generation Amazing supports long-term human development – and we’ve teamed up with leading national and international organisations to do just that (UN SDG 17). Part of this is our contributions towards making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (UN SDG 11). And through everything we teach people using the beautiful game, we promote peaceful and inclusive societies (UN SDG 16), and support the development of just and caring communities based on high moral standards.

Young children at a Generation Amazing session.
Xavi Hernández meeting kids.

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