The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy constantly searches for innovative solutions to the challenges we face. The area of workers' welfare is no different.

Delivering sustainable solutions that have an immediate impact is not easy. To do so, we have harnessed the power of the Qatar Innovation Community to collaborate with stakeholders that can bring benefits to our workers.

'Heat stress is an issue in summer so we must be extra vigilant in ensuring workers take regular breaks, stay hydrated and have access to shade. Cooling technology is one way to enhance our summer working practices.'

Balbir Singh, HSSE Officer, Al Janoub Stadium

We have implemented a range of innovative practices and technologies to help workers, including cooling technology on our sites and intelligent systems to monitor high temperatures. Our workers also benefit from communications tools, such as those supplying real-time data from work sites or those offering the chance to raise grievances anonymously.


With our workforce hitting a peak of 30,000 workers, all of these innovative approaches will be crucial in order to protect the safety of our workers and enhance the conditions they experience both on site and in their accommodation.

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