Publicly reporting both our achievements and challenges leads to continuous improvement in workers' welfare.

Every day, our team strives to make life better for the people working on our projects. The aim of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is sustainable, long-term change, with the FIFA World Cup 2022™ acting as a catalyst for the positive progress on workers' welfare that Qatar's government is dedicated to achieving.

 2022 FIFA World Cup™ acting as a catalyst
 2022 FIFA World Cup™ acting as a catalyst

We are making steady improvements through a tangible commitment to the wellbeing of our workers, encouraging contractors where appropriate and taking action when required, and engaging with critics and observers in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

Our door is never closed to organisations capable of helping us throughout this journey. We have a collaborative approach to NGO engagement and have met with Amnesty International, the International Labour OrganizationBuilding and Wood Worker's InternationalHumanity UnitedEngineers Against Poverty and Human Rights Watch.


To achieve complete transparency, the SC regularly releases public reports. These serve to demonstrate the work we are doing, but also to answer questions external organisations may have in relation to the reality of workers' welfare in the context of our preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. 


Since implementing the first edition of our Workers' Welfare Standards in 2014, the SC has published the following reports:

In April 2019, the SC released our fourth annual Workers' Welfare Progress Report.

A number of key milestones are covered in the report, including:

• Groundbreaking success in the repayment of recruitment fees to workers – 39,000 workers will receive more than QAR 95 million before the FIFA World Cup 2022™

• Strengthened access to remedy and grievance mechanisms

• Fully compliant workers' accommodation across all projects

• Implementation of an emergency medical response strategy designed to improve medical staff response times

• Introduction of comprehensive medical screenings

• Creation of the first electronic records system in Qatar

• Advances in cooling technologies to enhance workers' safety

• Nutrition programme in partnership with Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar


In March 2018, the SC released our third annual Workers' Welfare Progress Report. The report focused on the work being done to tackle the global issue of recruitment fees.

In addition to recruitment fees, the report showcased a number of achievements and successful initiatives, including;

• Moving 95% of SC workers into purpose-built, centralised accommodation

• Pre-approval of other contracted parties before entering SC construction sites

• Establishing a dedicated grievance hotline for workers

• Enhancing workers' voices with Workers' Welfare Forum elections

• Reviewing emergency medical response capabilities and baseline health screening for 98% of the workforce

• Launching a nutrition study with Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar to improve workers' health

• Introducing health & safety training through the Qatar International Safety Centre

In May 2017, we released our second annual Workers' Welfare progress report. Covering the period from January 2016 to February 2017, it highlighted areas where the SC has made progress on workers' welfare, discussed the challenges faced and how these are being overcome, and set out the upcoming priorities for our Workers' Welfare team.


The report detailed a number of milestones we reached during the period covered, including:

• Appointment of Verité for advisory services and ethical recruitment audit training 

• Appointment of Impactt Ltd. as independent, third-party monitor 

• Memorandum of understanding signed between the SC and Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) trade union, and the launch of joint health & safety inspections 

• Launch of a dedicated workers' grievance hotline  

• Launch of an enhanced digital auditing platform for Workers' Welfare 

• Publication of the second edition of the Workers' Welfare Standards  

• Expansion of the team to cater to growing demands, including additional resources to augment our audit and compliance functions

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