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Men queuing and smiling


The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) invests heavily in research studies with various stakeholders to ensure the highest standards of welfare practices for our workers.

We also conduct periodic surveys to evaluate workers’ wellbeing on and off site.

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Workers’ survey

In 2018, the SC completed its first workers’ survey, which was devised and executed by research and survey experts Social & Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI).

The survey was carried out by SESRI’s independent, specialist team of field experts, with the aim to acquire in-depth information on SC workers, including sentiment, satisfaction, and demographics.

The survey provided workers with a platform to share facts and their opinions on key matters impacting their lives in Qatar and the SC projects. The questions covered contracts, work and work environment, remittance and pay, life in Qatar, wellbeing and healthcare, and leisure and social capital.

Findings from the survey will guide our planning and decision making for the future of our workers.

Key findings in 2018

  • 97% of workers said they are satisfied working for the SC 
  • 96% have a generally positive opinion about the quality of their living space
  • 82% said their experience in Qatar will help them in their future career
  • 99% said their work environment is safe
  • 95% indicated that they are satisfied with their rights
  • 87% received orientation training in their language when they began working on SC projects
  • 94% have recreation facilities at their accommodation
  • 90% said the contract they signed before and after coming to Qatar is the same
  • 94% said they hadn’t been injured at their workplace or been seriously hurt
  • 89% have a medical card
  • The most common reason for remittances is to take care of basic family needs and to help with emergency family expenses
  • The three most commonly visited places by workers during their time off are malls, other cities and the Doha Corniche
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The second workers’ survey was conducted over the last quarter of 2019, covering a randomised sample of 2,250 workers across all SC project sites.

Key findings in 2019

  • 99% of workers are satisfied working on SC projects
  • 98% are satisfied with their rights 
  • 96% reporting a positive opinion about the quality of their living space
  • 90% of workers reported having a medical card
  • 98% of workers reported that their management provides enough training about safety in the workplace 
  • 97% have not been seriously injured at their worksite

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