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Our Team

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has a multi-disciplinary team responsible for ensuring that all SC projects adhere to our rigorous Workers' Welfare Standards.

The team is made up of dedicated experts who apply their extensive skills to enforce our standards and measure their impact.

We are responsible for:

  • Developing effective compliance and enforcement mechanisms for the Workers’ Welfare Standards
  • Overseeing all workers’ health & safety across SC projects
  • Delivering engagement, outreach and training, conducting research to guide policy and decision-making, and engaging with internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing and managing workers’ welfare databases and reporting tools
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Our team spends a considerable amount of time at the SC’s project sites and workers’ accommodation sites building relationships with workers, ensuring they are well looked after and engaging with them to identify where we can make improvements. Even before tenders are won and construction begins, we cooperate closely with contractors to ensure compliance with our Workers' Welfare Standards. Where non-compliance is discovered, we mobilise quickly to fix the issues and make sure they do not happen again.

Protecting the health & safety of workers is our top priority. We hold regular and comprehensive inspections of construction sites and accommodation facilities, as well as conducting thorough incident investigations, as required. We also deliver health screenings and identify workers at high risk, train medical staff and improve emergency medical response capabilities. We employ the latest technologies in our workers' welfare efforts: from incident reporting platforms to cooling suits and advanced software for recording audits, to systems that monitor environmental conditions.

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Our workers wellbeing is our primary focus and we engage with them regularly to better understand their needs and concerns. Our worker engagement and outreach activities aim to serve the workers’ day-to-day requirements and improve their quality of life, while also guiding our planning, both in terms of developing new initiatives and bolstering existing efforts.

We also engage with external stakeholders who share our goal of delivering sustainable change in workers' welfare, as part of the legacy we are building around the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup™. This collaboration with local and international stakeholders helps us to reach out to influential organisations and government ministries that can help us enact real change in workers' welfare.

Our team oversees four crucial areas of workers’ welfare on a day-to-day basis:


Compliance and enforcement

We have developed effective compliance and enforcement mechanisms for the Workers’ Welfare Standards through:

  • Inspections and audits  
  • Technical evaluations of tender submissions
  • Enhancing the Workers’ Welfare Standards through audits and feedback
  • Approving other contracting parties through a rigorous inspection process


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Health & safety

We oversee all workers’ health & safety requirements across SC projects with:

  • Accommodation and site welfare inspections
  • Health & safety induction training
  • Coordinating on-site HSSE
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Strategic outreach

We deliver training and outreach, conduct research to guide policy and decision-making, and engage with internal and external stakeholders through:

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Worker engagement and outreach projects
  • Research projects
  • Training and up-skilling initiatives for contractors and worker
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Data management and reporting

We maintain and manage all Workers’ Welfare-related information by:

  • Managing our databases to ensure workers’ information is accurate and readily available
  • Developing and managing reporting systems and tools
  • Delivering internal and external reports on our progress, compliance and other developments 
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‘When Qatar won the rights to host the region’s first ever FIFA World Cup, we were ready to take on a massive challenge of delivering a world-class sporting experience. As soon as construction began across our venues, we knew we had a greater responsibility – to safeguard the rights of every worker helping us bring the stadiums to life.'

Mahmoud Qutub, Executive Director, Workers’ Welfare Department

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