Our Team

We have a multi-disciplined team responsible for ensuring that all Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy construction sites adhere to our rigorous Workers' Welfare Standards. The team is made up of dedicated experts, who apply their extensive skills to enforce our standards and measure their impact.

Enforcing our standards

Our Workers' Welfare team is responsible for carrying out comprehensive audits and inspections. Even before tenders are won and construction begins, we cooperate closely with contractors to ensure compliance with our Workers' Welfare Standards.

 Our Team
 Our Team

These standards set our principles and expectations around the critical issues of health & safety, workers' salaries and benefits, and ethical recruitment. Where non-compliance is discovered, we mobilise rapidly to fix the issues and make sure they do not happen again.

Ensuring health & safety 

Protecting the health & safety of workers is our top priority. Consequently, we hold regular and comprehensive inspections of construction sites and accommodation facilities, as well as conducting thorough incident investigations, as required. 

Our health & safety function has evolved over time. It is currently focused on delivering health screenings and identifying workers at high risk for medical issues, auditing the compliance of medical facilities, training medical staff, improving emergency medical response capabilities, and implementing the findings from assessments and inspections into our standards.

Communicating with workers

Our team spends a huge amount of time at construction sites, building relationships with workers to win their trust and gain their honest opinions on our workers' welfare efforts.

 Our Team
 Our Team

We offer several channels of communication to workers who want to share their thoughts with us or draw attention to issues they face. Workers' welfare forums give them an environment for open discussion, while our workers' grievance hotline allows them to raise issues anonymously.

We value the insight provided by workers above all other viewpoints and we are committed to hearing their voices.

Engaging with stakeholders

When we are not on site, we are coordinating with external stakeholders who share our goal of delivering sustainable change in workers' welfare and can help us achieve it.

 Our Team

This cooperation with both local and international stakeholders helps us to reach more and more of the influential organisations and government ministries who can aid us in enacting real change in workers' welfare.

Implementing technological advances

We employ the latest technologies in our workers' welfare efforts. From incident reporting platforms to cooling helmets, and advanced software for recording audits to systems that monitor environmental conditions.

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