People on site talking and smiling
People on site talking and smiling

Our Stakeholders

Our partners are instrumental in helping the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) to uphold our standards and continually enhance conditions for workers on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ projects.

They contribute their specialist knowledge and skills, and share our team's commitment to improving workers' lives.


The SC partnered with A101, a strategic consulting company, to develop the Sadiqi smartphone app that is designed to enhance the everyday lives of workers in Qatar.


In November 2016, the SC signed a cooperation agreement with BWI to conduct joint health & safety inspections on SC projects.


We collaborated with Commercial Bank to help workers use its mobile app for transferring money in a simple, fast and safe way.


A tripartite partnership between the SC, TechNiche and HBKU has resulted in the development of the revolutionary cooling suits that are helping our workers combat the effects of the summer heat.


Impactt Ltd. was appointed as the SC's external monitor in April 2016, becoming a key part of our four-tier auditing system, ensuring that our auditing and inspection activities are comprehensive and robust.


The SC continues to engage with the UN agency ILO as we make steady improvements in the wellbeing of our workers. Notably, the ILO collaborated with us to carry out an independent study with heat stress research experts FAME Lab.


The MoADLSA is responsible for achieving public objectives in administrative development, labour and employment affairs and ensuring the social protection of citizens in the State of Qatar.


In 2017, the SC partnered with NAVEX Global to establish a dedicated grievance hotline, allowing workers to anonymously lodge complaints with a team of operators, who then transfer complaints to our Workers’ Welfare team for action.


Ooredoo is one of the founding stakeholders of the SC-led Qatar Innovation Community, a collection of national organisations accelerating innovation across Qatar and creating solutions for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ and beyond.


In 2017, we partnered with QISC to design and carry out training courses to introduce workers to life in Qatar, improve their technical capabilities, enhance job performance and increase productivity and safety.


The SC is working with QRC to provide comprehensive medical screenings to all workers. Treatment is being provided to those deemed high risk.


Qatar University’s research arm SESRI helped us launch the first worker’s survey in 2018, offering insights into matters that impacted workers’ lives in Qatar.


The SC worked with TechNiche to conduct a pilot at Lusail Stadium site with its cooling vests, wrist-wraps and cooling towels. Their technology is proven to reduce skin temperature by up to 15C.


The SC worked with The Phoenix Partnership to set up an integrated electronic medical records system for workers – a first-of-its-kind healthcare initiative in Qatar – to monitor and manage workers’ health more efficiently.


We partnered with Verité throughout 2015 and 2016 to deliver training sessions to enhance the application and enforcement of our Workers’ Welfare Standards. Verité also supported our appointment of Impactt Ltd as a third-party monitor.


We partnered with WCM-Q in 2017 to carry out a nutrition initiative targeting SC workers. We aim to create awareness of the importance of nutrition and active lifestyles, in addition to identifying key health issues among our workers.

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