Smiling worker on construction site
Smiling worker on construction site

Our Workers

We recognise the sacrifices that our workers are making to deliver our vision for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ venues. Many have left families behind in their home countries and may feel isolated in their new lives in Qatar.

At our peak construction period, we had over 30,000 workers on our projects, from a range of countries including Nepal, India, Turkey, China, Ghana and the Philippines.

All of our workers are protected by our Workers' Welfare Standards – a contractually binding document that ensures all individuals contributing to the delivery of Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) projects are treated with respect and dignity.

From the moment they join our projects, we give workers opportunities to socialise, enjoy their free time and play an active role in Qatari society.

Man kicking a football into a goal
People playing bubble football

It begins with giving workers access to recreational facilities at their accommodation sites. We provide sporting amenities, including football pitches, where they can play sport with their neighbours, helping them to stay healthy and bond with other workers. Accommodation sites also have IT facilities so they can contact their families.

Improving lives

We ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers is safeguarded while they work on our projects. From beginning to end, we strive to make their experience a positive one, implementing robust health & safety working standards on site, while ensuring that they enjoy clean and comfortable living accommodation.

The SC is dedicated to making the lives of our workers better. Whether through training programmes to improve workplace skills, or awareness sessions to educate them about the importance of better diets, we oversee the entire journey of workers during their time on our projects.

Workers checking their body mass index
Workers washing their hands

Giving workers a voice

Communication with our workers is crucial. Our team takes time to get to know them, discussing their cares, worries or grievances. Sometimes we just listen or share a meal with them. But we always make sure our workers know we are available for them.

We know what they want because we ask them. With our dedicated grievance hotline, forums and interviews, we have procedures in place to make sure our workers are heard – and feel part of the tournament.

They are the people bringing Qatar's preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to life. We will always be proud of their commitment to this historic tournament.

Crowd of construction workers
Construction workers on a training course

Enriching communities

We conduct social outreach activities that include training opportunities, social occasions and events that involve workers in our plans for the FIFA World Cup 2022™. Many of our workers benefit from participating in Generation Amazing, our flagship corporate social responsibility programme. The football for development training provided by Generation Amazing aims to boost workers' self-esteem and enhance their sense of belonging in Qatar.

One event that is universally popular is the Workers' Cup, an annual football tournament featuring teams from our contractors that has grown into a 32-team competition watched by thousands.

As we continue on our road to 2022, we will strive to find new and exciting ways to enrich the lives of our workers – and convey our appreciation for playing such an integral role in our historic tournament.

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People cheering at an event
Workers' Voice Workers' Voice

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