Group of construction workers smiling
Group of construction workers


Like millions of migrant workers across the world, the workers employed on Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) projects sometimes find themselves caught up in a complex global supply chain, which leaves them vulnerable to unethical practices.

Charging recruitment fees is illegal under Qatar's Labour Law, yet thousands of workers are made to pay recruitment fees in their home countries before coming to Qatar. These fees push workers into debt before they have even migrated overseas.

We believe that the financial burden should be on the contractor – not on the worker. Since late 2017, the SC has worked with our contractors to ensure recruitment fees are reimbursed to workers - even if they don't have proof of payment – as part of our universal reimbursement scheme.

Our Workers' Welfare Standards forbid the practice of charging recruitment fees. We strive to work only with contractors who do not engage in such unethical behaviour and with recruiters approved by Qatar's Ministry of Administrative Development Labour & Social Affairs (MoADLSA).




Legacy in action

The SC’s universal reimbursement scheme is a significant step in protecting the rights of our workers. As a result, workers are now able to better support their families and build a future for themselves.

Our contractors are acutely aware of the positive impact this initiative is having on workers and their general wellbeing. Eleven of our contractors have extended this scheme to non-SC workers, demonstrating the human and social legacy of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Construction workers laying foundations
Worker smiling on a construction site
  • Over QAR 100 million in recruitment fees to be reimbursed to workers
  • 48,412 workers in total
  • 30,346 SC workers
  • 18,066 non-SC workers
  • 252 contractors have committed to reimburse workers
  • 11 contractors have extended the reimbursement scheme to non-SC workers


Our Workers' Stories

Our workers are the driving force behind the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Coming from different backgrounds and countries, they each have a unique story to tell.

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