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As part of our commitment to workers' welfare, we help our workers to enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives in Qatar.

As well as contributing towards improving global workers' welfare standards, our efforts allow our workers to focus on preparing Qatar to host a FIFA World Cup™ unlike any other.

We conduct regular inspections of our workers' living conditions, ensuring that they adhere to our Workers' Welfare Standards. Living in comfortable accommodation, with all of the amenities they need, is central to workers' happiness and their ability to relax after work. 


We also place great emphasis on healthy living, educating workers on the importance of healthy lifestyles and conducting research on workers' health with expert stakeholders. We also ensure that all medical care facilities are sufficiently equipped and staffed.

For many workers, the purpose of working in Qatar is to support their families back home. We make sure that they are paid in full and on time, and can send money home quickly and easily.

We will continue to take every opportunity to improve our workers' lives, setting new standards in workers' welfare as we build towards the Middle East's first FIFA World Cup™.

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Accommodation Healthy Living Supporting Family Accommodation Healthy Living Supporting Family