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While the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is acutely aware of the independence of our workers, we cannot ignore our responsibility to ensure they are offered suitable accommodation during their time on SC projects. This accommodation must satisfy their needs: comfort, privacy, recreational facilities, suitable catering and laundry amenities, and an internet connection that allows them to communicate with their families back home.


What is the SC responsible for?

While the SC does not own or provide any accommodation for workers, our contractors are responsible for providing appropriate housing for workers for the duration of their time on SC projects. We carry out regular inspections to ensure all accommodation meets the requirements set out in our Workers' Welfare Standards and allows workers to follow healthy lifestyles.

This includes bedrooms having a maximum of four single beds, privacy curtains, lockable personal storage, an operable window with moveable curtain, power points and bedside tables. Workers must be provided with mattresses, pillows, two sets of bed sheets and blankets.


Toilet and shower facilities must be contained in one defined space. Accommodation must have social rooms with a TV and satellite package that corresponds to workers' national or linguistic background. All housing must also have indoor recreation space; an outdoor, multi-purpose sports field; indoor gymnasium; computer room; sufficient WiFi bandwidth; and access to on-site retail services. For washing personal items, a free laundry service is required, as well as washing lines for drying clothes.

Three meals per day must be provided, whether at the accommodation site or the construction site, and menus must consider workers' presumed dining preferences, based on their national or religious backgrounds.

Ultimately, our Workers' Welfare Standards ensure all SC workers eat well and sleep well, which results in a safe and productive workforce.


What are we doing and what have we achieved?

Since the first edition of our standards was launched, various accommodation sites have opened throughout Qatar, including Labour City, Barwa Al Baraha, Al Bayt Workers' Village, Challenger City and Qatar Foundation Workers' Village. Workers on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ projects are either housed in these standards-compliant sites or at our contractors' accommodation sites, which are routinely inspected by both contractors' own workers' welfare officers and the SC.

In order to comply with the standards, a number of our contractors, other contracting parties and labour supply companies moved workers into new accommodation sites following our post-inspection directives. Nakheel Landscapes, for example, moved all 4,000 members of their workforce in Qatar to Labour City, despite only having 140 workers engaged on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ projects, demonstrating how the standards can have a positive impact on workers. 


We also worked with HBK Contracting Company and Bin Omran Trading & Contracting L.L.C. to upgrade their accommodation in accordance with our Workers' Welfare Standards, with HBK building a new 4,000 capacity, standards-compliant accommodation site. 

Furthermore, contractors for three SC stadium precincts have contractually committed to, or have begun building, standards-compliant worker accommodation facilities adjacent to their construction sites. This minimises workers' travel time and maximises their leisure time, while also reducing the tournament's carbon footprint.

Where our workers live

Thanks to sustained collaboration with contractors and an approval process for other contracted parties' accommodation, all workers on our projects are living in purpose-built accommodation in line with our Workers' Welfare Standards. Of these workers, 71% (27,000 workers) are housed in 12 compliant accommodation facilities. These accommodations include:

• Al Bayt Workers' Village 

• Qatar Foundation Workers' Village 

• Lusail Workers' Village 

• Labour City 

• Barwa Al Baraha 

• Challenger City Camp 

• Sixco Shahaniya Camp


Real stories


Khalifa International Stadium, the first stadium completed ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, was built by workers who benefitted early on from drastic improvements to workers' accommodation.

Operated by MIDMAC – the main contractor on this project – new accommodation was provided to workers, boasting indoor sports facilities such as badminton courts, an air-conditioned dining room with numerous televisions, a separate TV room and another indoor recreation room.

'In 2015, MIDMAC told the SC of plans to introduce a new facility which went beyond SC standards. At the time, it was just a shell. Two months later they had built stainless steel kitchens and rooms to our specifications, finished off the indoor sport facilities and moved the workers in. It was like they had brought a 3D model of our accommodation to life.'

Stephan van Dyke, Audit and Inspections Manager

For more information on accommodation, please refer to section 12 of the SC's Workers' Welfare Standards.

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