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Supporting Family

The reality for most workers is that they have left home to build a better life for their families. To achieve this, they need salaries to be paid in full and on time, allowing them to honour any financial commitments they have, either in Qatar or in their home countries.

Like any employee, workers on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™-related projects are free to choose when they wish to leave the job and return home. Our Workers' Welfare Standards are clear that when this happens, workers will be paid all wages, gratuities and travel expenses before leaving Qatar.

 Supporting Family
 Supporting Family

What is the SC responsible for?

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is responsible for ensuring contractors pay all workers in accordance with our standards and Qatari law. Via our audits, the SC strives to prevent any deductions from workers' wages for recruitment fees, visa costs, accommodation, food, bedding, transportation, training facilities, recreation or medical care.

What are we doing and what have we achieved?

The SC partnered with Commercial Bank to make it easier for workers to transfer money back to their home countries. This collaboration helps workers to use the bank's mobile app and transfer money in a simple, fast and safe way. The bank offers an attractive exchange rate and low transaction fees. The app also means that workers do not have to give up their free time to travel to traditional exchange facilities to transfer money. Between travel time and queueing, workers were losing an average of two hours every time they chose to wire money to their families, invariably on non-working days.


Commercial Bank officials worked alongside the SC to familiarise workers with the mobile app, giving those who do not have easy access to ATMs or exchange facilities an invaluable alternative. A dedicated call centre was also launched to field any queries in relation to the app.

More than 8,000 SC workers bank with Commercial Bank. Between them, they transfer approximately QAR 16 million to their home countries every month.

In February 2018, the SC also partnered with Ooredoo to introduce a Mobile Money app, offering workers competitive fees for mobile-device-enabled money transfers and free data for using the service, as well as mobile ATMs on site to make life more convenient for workers.

The SC's audit mechanisms ensure all wages must be paid electronically, as per the stipulation of the Wage Protection System under Qatari Labour Law. This ensures that payments are made in a timely manner, and are therefore more transparent and auditable.


• 8,000 SC workers transfer QAR 16 million every month 

• Average of two hours saved for every transaction  

• Reduced rates of commission to save workers money

 Supporting Family
 Supporting Family

For more information on payment of wages, please refer to section 10 of the SC's Workers' Welfare Standards.

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