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Sustainability has been at the heart of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ from the very start.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Sustainability Strategy will enable us to deliver a tournament that sets new benchmarks for social, human, economic and environmental development.

This tournament will change the way future FIFA World Cup™ competitions and other sporting mega-events are organised. It will build a lasting, sustainable legacy that contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goalsand the Qatar National Vision 2030.

This tournament is about making everyone feel welcome, safe and entertained and part of a unique FIFA World Cup™ experience in Qatar. We believe that the generations to come should benefit from a lasting legacy, so we’re working to make our planet greener, increase accessibility and inclusivity, and develop new opportunities for everyone.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is a tournament for everyone – we want this to be the most inclusive, people-focused edition of the tournament ever held.

FIFA has established requirements to ensure that all FIFA World Cup™ sites and events are accessible for people with disabilities. Our adapted site designs and operational services will make Qatar 2022 a fully inclusive tournament.

At the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™, we successfully tested and assessed measures to improve the tournament experience for people with disabilities and limited mobility. This included enhancements in infrastructure, staff and volunteer training, ticketing procedures and transportation systems.

A record number of special access ticketholders attended the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup and FIFA Club World Cup 2019™ tournaments in Qatar. Breaking down barriers to accessibility shows other mega-event organisers that they too can implement similar changes, making everyone feel welcome.

After the events, we surveyed attendees to find out we can enhance the fan experience for people with disabilities. Ticketing, facilities, services and transport received excellent feedback – but we’re always working to improve.

Sensory rooms

On matchdays, stadiums can be noisy and crowded – this sensory overload can be overwhelming, so we have provided sensory viewing rooms as safe, calm spaces at Al Janoub and Khalifa International stadiums.

About 150 young people with sensory processing issues attended their first football match thanks to these rooms.

Children received gift bags at the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™ that contained tools to help them stay calm and focused by providing comforting sensory support, such as noise cancelling headphones, fidget tools, visual cue cards and weighted lap pads.