Al Janoub Stadium

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An extraordinary stadium for an adventurous city

Al Janoub
Al Janoub Stadium
Football sails into a new era
FIFA World Cup 2022™ Stadium Capacity*
Al Wakrah, 22km south of central Doha
Al Janoub Stadium

*Capacities for specific matches may vary slightly

A strong futuristic representation of Qatar's drive to reach beyond its shores

Al Janoub Stadium lies in the southern city of Al Wakrah, one of Qatar’s oldest continuously inhabited areas. A city rich in history but with its sights set on a new horizon – the future of football. As the FIFA World Cup 2022™ played out, the world was invited into some of the most unique stadiums ever built for the beautiful game – Al Janoub Stadium sits firmly in that category. 

The stadium’s captivating design reflects the wind-filled sails of Qatar’s traditional dhow boats – in tribute to Al Wakrah’s fishing and pearl diving past. For centuries these beautiful crafts have sailed through Gulf waters and far beyond, returning laden with the sea’s bounty. 

After the tournament, Al Janoub’s capacity will be reduced, with seats donated to other sporting projects around the world. This will also guarantee an electric atmosphere for Al Wakrah SC matches. Beyond football, the venue’s is surrounded by luscious parkland featuring sport and leisure facilities which will benefit the whole community for years to come. The future is bright for this wonderful arena.  

Al Janoub Stadium

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See football sail into a new era, through aerial and exterior views, VIP lounges, conference facilities, spectator stands, players area (incl. changing room, tunnel, warm up space, jacuzzi room) – and of course the pitch.