Education City Stadium

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A bright future for football and the community

Education City Stadium
A shimmering jewel of inspiration
FIFA World Cup 2022™ Stadium Capacity*
Al Rayyan, 7km north-west of central Doha
Education City Stadium
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*Capacities for specific matches may vary slightly

Combining the power of football and knowledge 

Education City Stadium is an extraordinary venue. It shines a brilliant light on Qatar’s position as a dynamic learning hub for students and academics across the Arab World and beyond. Its namesake location, Education City, is a vibrant centre of learning and knowledge. The arena is empowered by its neighbouring universities whose corridors buzz with new ideas and stories of cutting-edge research – expressing visionary talent and innovation.  

The stadium’s ultra-modern design blends seamlessly with traditional Islamic architecture. On the exterior, triangles create complex diamond-like geometrical patterns that sparkle as the sun moves across the sky. At night, a digital light show illuminates the façade – giving fans a remarkable surprise performance. 

Around the campuses, you’ll discover many first-in-class sporting and leisure facilities. After the tournament, more amenities will be added to the stadium precinct – keeping locals and the academic community fit for the future and stimulated outside the classroom.  

Education City Stadium

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Journey through this shimmering jewel of inspiration, through aerial and exterior views, Education City Metro Station, VIP lounges, conference facilities, spectator stands, players area (incl. changing room, tunnel, warm up space, jacuzzi room) – and of course the pitch.