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Learn all about the elements that have come together to create a historical FIFA World Cup™

Are you ready for a FIFA World Cup™ like no other? 

With Qatar playing host to the first FIFA World Cup™ ever in the Arab world, a unique and extraordinary stage has been created for the teams, the players and, of course, you the fans. Explore the individual elements of your FIFA World Cup™ here, which we hope you enjoy during your time in Qatar.

official mascot


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I’m your best football buddy from the mascot-verse. Here to welcome the world, inspire young fans, cheer on the action and celebrate every goal at Qatar 2022™!

You can meet me at every stadium during the tournament, just head to the La’eeb™ Hype Show!

Official Poster

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A series of eight posters capture the essence of Qatar as Host Country, through their compelling story – encapsulating both the cultural and emotional feelings of the nation.  

official emblem

Official Emblem

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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Official Emblem serves as a beacon across the globe; drawing fans to a new type of tournament where everything is within easy reach.

countdown clock

Countdown Clock

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Every second, minute, hour, day is your chance – now is the moment, so feel it, seize it and live it. 

Official Soundtrack

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Qatar 2022™ is all about bringing the world together in harmony. For the first time ever, instead of one official song, a full FIFA World Cup™ Official Soundtrack has been released.