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Create a business travel plan and work smart. Play it right. Hayya!

During FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ transport and road networks will be busier than normal. Some companies, including those near the six tournament stadiums and in central Doha, may be affected by:

  • Extended commute times for staff
  • Road diversions and extra traffic – impacting customers and suppliers
  • Changes to street parking, loading zones and waste collection
  • Large crowds of people travelling and congregating nearby

Below you will find tips to ensure you and your team stay in the game. Let’s go!

Corniche road closures

Staff: Alter working hours, enable work remotely (or from alternative premises) and allow annual leave. Encourage staff to take public transport, carpool with coworkers, walk or cycle to work.

Customers: Change hours of operation to allow customers access at less busy times, or offer alternatives to face-to-face visits (video or telephone appointments).

Suppliers: Collect and receive goods at less busy times, share delivery slots with other businesses, use local suppliers and stockpile non-perishable goods.

Business travel: Bring forward or postpone trips and meetings, meet at less busy times and places or meet virtually (video or telephone meetings).

Once plans are put in place businesses should communicate these clearly to all staff, suppliers and customers.