Day-to-day Travel
Day-to-day Travel

Day-to-Day Travel

Play it right in any neighbourhood. Hayya! 

During the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ some areas, including those near the six tournament stadiums and in central Doha, may be busier than usual. 

Whether home or away, the 5 Rs will help us all progress through the tournament without stoppages. 

Reduce, remain, re-mode, re-route and re-time your travels during the FIFA Arab Cup™

Below you will find information on a range of public transport options to help you beat the traffic. Let’s go! 

Travel tips

Doha Metro
Doha Metro
  • Services will run for longer than usual during the tournament (6 AM–3 AM everyday), including Fridays (9 AM–3 AM) 
  • Change between the Red, Green and Gold lines at Msheireb station 
  • Change between the Red and Green lines at Al Bidda station
  • Buy a travel card at stations and some supermarkets 
  • Save time by topping up your travel card online or on the Doha Metro app (iOS and Android)
  • MetroLink buses are free and run useful routes within 2–5km of stations
  • MetroExpress shuttles take passengers to and from stations for free and can be booked via the app (iOS and Android)
  • Visit Qatar Rail for more information
Qatar Buses
  • Services start as early as 4 AM and run until 11 PM 
  • Buy a smart card from Doha Bus Station or some supermarkets 
  • Keep track of timetables and your smart card balance on the Karwa Bus app (iOS and Android)
  • Visit Mowasalat for more information
Al Bidda Park
Walking, cycling and e-scooters

Walking isn’t just for getting from place to place. Doha is right on the sea, filled with enchanting cityscapes and parks, meaning that strolling around is a pleasure. Check out these top walking spots for some inspiration.


Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Qatar. The country is relatively flat and at sea level, making for leisurely riding conditions. The Qatar Cycling Federation has information about cycling paths in the city, as well some more adventurous routes.

You can find electric scooters dotted around Doha to rent by the minute. Simply download the provider's app and you'll be whizzing around in no time.