Men laughing together on a boat
Men laughing together on a boat

Entertainment & Hospitality

Fans at the world's biggest football tournament want their stay to be enjoyable and memorable – beyond just attending matches. Providing information about entertainment experiences in Qatar is an great way of engaging fans.

To access entertainment in Qatar we’d like to offer primarily digital solutions. We also want to create a fun gamified experience, helping fans to connect with each other. Proposed solutions should be engaging, informative and accessible.

Proposed technologies can include eCommerce, payment solutions, social media platforms, podcasts, games and AR/ VR.

Women using VR headsets
A man taking a selfie at a fan zone

Proposed solutions should focus on:

Sharing real-time, customised information

Fans coming to Qatar will have different wants and needs. To make their visit special it’s important to understand their preferences and customise their experience. Technology can provide information and access to entertainment options, thus enabling a seamless experience for all fans.

Proposed technologies can include social media platforms, beacon and radio-frequency identification technologies to share location-based information and podcasts.

Engagement solutions

Fans at the world's biggest football tournament should be able to engage with other fans who have similar interests.

To facilitate this, proposed applications could include gamified solutions, social connection platforms and location-based notification systems.

Hospitality services

Digital solutions can help fans access hospitality services. These could include booking hotel rooms, finding recreational facilities like gyms and spas, reserving tables at restaurants and ordering takeaway food.