People cheering at holding up scarves at a football match
People cheering at holding up scarves at a football match

In-stadium Experience

The matches are the core of the world's biggest football tournament; the majority of visitors during the tournament will come to Qatar to watch football. Stadiums need to be connected and data-driven so that fans have a great experience at matches.

They need to be entertained, be able to share and express themselves. A truly exceptional stadium experience should be the highlight of fans’ time in Qatar.

Proposals should provide solutions that will create a memorable, engaging experience. With 40,000+ fans at each stadium, you should consider how technology can provide solutions to cater to their needs.

Air cooling nozzles on the field of play
A man in a wheelchair in an accessible viewing area during a football match

Technologies could include digital platforms, ePayment solutions, online ordering, AR/ VR, real-time data and information, and entertainment solutions.

In-seat services

Please consider:

  • How can technology change the way fans order and receive food and beverages while watching a match? 
  • How can this be achieved with minimal disruption to the match?
  • How can we digitalise concession stand operations?

Fan engagement

Proposed solutions should address innovative ways that technology can connect fans at a match. The objective is for fans to enjoy the match while engaging with other fans digitally.

Solutions could include chants and songs, games and competitions, celebrations and showing loyalty to a country.

Stadium services

The proposed solution should address how fans can use digital technologies to quickly access toilets, emergency areas, first aid rooms and other amenities and hospitality services.

Proposed technologies should be accurate and user friendly.