Al Rayyan Stadium Art
Al Rayyan Stadium Art

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium Art

Sustainability is one of our core values. Qatar promised an environmentally friendly FIFA World Cup 2022™, and the SC has been unwavering in our commitment to delivering stadiums that are aligned with that vision.

This determination fuelled our strategy for the new, 40,000-seat Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, which re-used materials from the former venue on the site. This spectacular new stadium was inaugurated on 18 December 2020 at the Amir Cup final.

As part of the Bassma 22 initiative, materials from the old arena are being used to create public art that will be installed at the new stadium complex. In forming this lasting connection between old and new, Saudi artist Saddek Wasil and Qatari artist Faraj Daham will also connect the Al Rayyan community to a new icon in their city.

Local people, global impact

In December 2015, Wasil and Daham held workshops in Qatar with local residents – including many artists – to teach them how to use recycled materials to create art.

At his workshop, Daham revealed some details about his final piece for Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium: "I will artistically depict al samar, a tree with deep resonance to the cultural heritage of the Middle East."

He added: "The tree gives sustenance to the camel, which is the symbol of the Middle East. It is also a manifestation of life sustaining the whole country and the region, keeping the cultures and traditions alive despite rapid modernisation."

People visiting the venue from across the Arab world will appreciate the installation's local roots, helping them to form a connection with this magnificent arena. The unique beauty of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium's artworks will also strike those who come to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ from distant countries and are experiencing Middle Eastern culture for the first time.

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