Ramadan Tournaments

The holy month of Ramadan is a peak time for football tournaments in the Middle East.

Every year we reach out to lend support to more and more of these competitions, which bring communities together and enable us to engage with football fans across the Gulf region.

In June 2018, we sponsored a total of nine Ramadan tournaments: six in Qatar, two in Oman and one in Kuwait.

Being involved in local sporting events throughout the region is yet another way we connect with the people whose opinions matter most to us.

Regional support

From Qatar to Kuwait, and Oman to Bahrain, we have sponsored Ramadan tournaments both small and large since 2014. Some attract big names like David Luiz, Xavi Hernández and Omar Abdulrahman, while others star local schoolchildren, stadium workers and people from surrounding neighbourhoods.

These are the individuals who can help us to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ a tournament full of local flavour – and a defining event for the region's future.

This is why we will go on engaging with them through Ramadan tournaments, demonstrating our passion for football and communicating our vision for the world's greatest football tournament.

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